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Payment safety

Payments in may be carried out in many ways.
Each of them guarantees absolute safety of money transfer. Available forms of payment:

Payment through online payment centre

It is a very convenient and safe payment system for our clients.
It is a very convenient and safe payment system for our clients:
  • Debit card (VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB, POLCARD, PBK Styl and many other)
  • A fast transfer from mBanku - mTransfer
  • A fast transfer from mBanku - mTransfer
  • A fast transfer from mBanku - mTransfer
  • A fast transfer from mBanku - mTransfer
  • A traditional transfer – Poczta Polska and other legitimate outposts from all the other payment systems in Poland, employs the most advanced solutions that guarantee the safety of performed on-line transactions. The service owns safety certificates from the most well-known and renowned institutions in the world, and operates with a high-class securities.
As the only one, provides solutions and payment instruments, applied on the basis of dedicated official contracts with banks which, apart from the payment mechanism itself, enables mutual marketing actions that aim at i.e. promoting along with its partners on bank’s website.

Through this it guarantees:
  • Confidentiality of the data brought in the system
  • Encryption of communication between the client and the server (Thawte Safety Certificate, SSL Certificate, 3D Secure System: Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode)
  • Unique inner system of monitoring on-line transactions reducing the risk of beguilement
  • Author’s applications for detecting fraudulent transactions and beguilement attempts, which can i.e. foil an attempt to make a payment with a stolen, unclassified card.

SSL is a network protocol used for safe Internet connections. SSL implements encryption, server authentication, and ensures the integrity and confidentiality of forwarded information. In the moment of establishing connection with a safe (using SSL protocol) website, the establishing of algorithms and encryption keys takes place, which are subsequently used in transferring the data between the browser and the website server.

Payments performed with Visa and MasterCard/EuroCard debit cards on the server are protected by 3D Secure technology. 3D Secure is a new technology of processing Internet transactions, prepared and applied by Visa and MasterCard. Data verification systems in organizations dealing with cards are marked as Verified by Visa and MasterCard secureCode.

Payment directly to company’s account

It is the most traditional, and at the same time the cheapest way of money transfer. Money transfer takes place directly from client’s account to company’s account P.P.U.H AGROPLAST (being the owner of the online store

The safety of such transaction lies within the duty of the banks responsible for client’s money transfer.

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